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Bikes and the Blue Ocean

Last year, folding bike designer Mark Sanders applied the Blue Ocean marketing strategy in which he compares the international bike market to a big blue ocean of potential. There’s a small red ocean of bike enthusiasts where the major bike oceans direct all of their efforts. Mark makes the case that the bike industry should read more »

Vehicle miles traveled and economic growth

The city of Santa Cruz, California can see its population of 60,000 people double on a nice summer weekend. Tens of thousands of cars clog the local streets as visitors search for parking before hitting the beaches, the Boardwalk, and other tourist venues around the County. While many locals see troublesome traffic congestion, businesses see read more »

Puma Bikes website live

Do you remember those colorful bikes with “colours inspired by island culture in the Atlantic” that Biomega created for Puma? You can now buy them online or at Puma stores.

Get out, take photos, benefit your favorite outdoor charity

CLIF Bar 2nd Annual “Meet the Moment” Program. Post photos of your adventure, get money to your favorite outdoor non-profit in a CLIF Bar promotion.

A carbon fiber tumbleweed

A high pressure system over the Rock Mountains created high winds over a big chunk of the U.S. West yesterday afternoon and last night.

Snow day reading

I lived in Wichita Falls, Texas for a while (before that monstrosity of an elevated freeway was constructed straight over downtown), and one distinct memory I have is that of a whole long line of police cars responding to an accident on the north side of town during an unusually wintry day. I watched from read more »