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Bikes for Goodness Sake

67,000 children of U.S. service men and women have their parents overseas this Christmas. The non-profit Bikes For Goodness Sake Foundation in Austin, TX works with local bike shops and raises funds to buy a bike for a kid for Christmas. Bikes for Goodness Sake began last July and raised enough to give bikes to read more »

Flagged for best of Craigslist

I flagged this post for best of Craigslist: TRADE Live Crab for Bike I fish crab like the one in the picture. 2-3+ pound each. They are Alive. NOT DEAD so they are very fresh. I want to trade some of them for that old broken flat tired bike that sits in your garage. Or read more »

Buyer’s Guide to Bike Shaped Objects

The “Bike Shaped Object” or BSO is the derisive term bike snobs like me use for the cheap, two wheeled toys sold at mass retail outlets. They seem to almost always be improperly assembled with parts installed backwards, non functioning brakes, bent pedals, and warped wheels. My first bit of advice about buying a Bike read more »

Sea Otter 2009 photos

I suppose I should post some of my photos from the 2009 Sea Otter Classic and Expo. BMX is kind of fun to take pictures of. Ben Clough of CycleAware shows me the Torpedo vacuum insulated bottle that fits in a standard bicycle bottle cage. I think he told me it will be available for read more »