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Biking around city buses

The Chicago Bike Program created this video to explain how cyclists and bus drivers should ride and drive to get along in city traffic. Share the Road – Buses and Bicycles from Chicago Bicycle Program on Vimeo. We can all find some quibbles with this, but overall I think they’ve done a good job with read more »

All aboard the Los Angeles Bike Train

Bicycle trains offer bike commuters a fun, safer ride to work with regularly scheduled group rides. Ride leaders commit to a regular departure time and route, allowing other commuters to join in. Bike trains are usually used in the context of biking to school along with walking school buses. Such group riding and walking programs read more »

Feedly OPML export broken?

I haven’t done a bicycle blog & news roundup in some time, but before I get into that: Has anybody successfully used an OPML file exported from Feedly? Specifically, I’d like to go back to Old Reader. I thought Old Reader had my subscriptions, but nope, not there. So I looked at my Google Takeout read more »

Bike the BART Strike?

Negotiations between BART and the unions representing BART employees are coming to head as employment contracts are set to expire the end of this month. The unions will take a strike vote on Tuesday. BART currently carries over 400,000 passengers each day. A lot of commuters will probably be on vacation anyway during the duration read more »

Monday traffic report

Brrr, but it was chilly this morning. My employer doesn’t give me Presidents Day off, but the Federal holiday means light traffic and (unusually these days) a seat on the bus.

Hurricane Biker Girls of Lower Manhattan

NYC film maker Casey Neistat spent the night of Sandy biking around the flooded streets of Manhattan. Here’s his video of that night.