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Biking to the bar

Metro Silicon Valley is the local free “alternative” entertainment newspaper. In their feature on “How to be a dive bar superstar,” writer Ryan Osterbeck suggests public transportation and even biking to the bar. Probably the best option is to ride your bicycle. I know that bike riding and fashionable club duds rarely coincide, but the read more »

Whole lotta biking going on

Happy National Bike Week in the USA and the San Francisco Bay Area. I was talking with a friend yesterday and discovered it can be hard to follow what’s going on. Here are some choices for you in the SF Bay Area this week.

Biking while black in Dallas, Texas

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how bicycle helmet laws are sometimes used for pretext stops in Dallas and elsewhere, with a disproportionate number of such stops taking place in predominately black and brown communities.

Bike the BART Strike?

Negotiations between BART and the unions representing BART employees are coming to head as employment contracts are set to expire the end of this month. The unions will take a strike vote on Tuesday. BART currently carries over 400,000 passengers each day. A lot of commuters will probably be on vacation anyway during the duration read more »

Support Biking by Opposing BRT

While the publisher of Cyclelicious enthusiastically supports Bus Rapid Transit plans in the Santa Clara Valley, San Jose bike advocate Peter Smith is equally ardent in his opposition to BRT. When I asked Peter for details on why he opposes BRT, he graciously agreed to write up this provocative guest blog post. Bus Rapid Transit read more »

Biking in Dallas

Howdy all, please say hello to Chris at Biking In Dallas.