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Blame the victim

William Angel set off on his Saturday morning bike ride wearing a tail light, yellow vest and reflective shoes on March 29 2008. Motorist Kerri Lee Jasper didn’t see him and rear ended him at 6:45 AM, sending Mr. Angel to the hospital with a broken back. The court, naturally, found Ms. Jasper innocent. The read more »

Singapore judge blames victim

In a country infamous for its chewing gum ban, driver Cleopatra Wong Yuin Ping gets off relatively scot free after she ran over a man on a bike.

Bicycle Friendly Missoula and blaming the victim

Missioula, Montana is a college town and a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community. Some jerks in a pickup truck run down and assault a cyclist. Responding police officer blames the victim.

Chip on our shoulders?

This statement regarding cyclists and autonomous cars from the chief exec of Renault and Nissan is making the rounds in the cycling media this week: “One of the biggest problems is people with bicycles,” said Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn [rhymes with “loan”]. “They don’t respect any rules usually. The car is confused by them because read more »

Occupy the streets

Long time readers of Cyclelicious understand the historical context of pedestrian and cyclist road rights in the United States. To very quickly summarize, roads were once a public throughway for all modes of transportation. Before about 70 years ago, common law and public opinion recognized the operator of the more dangerous conveyance was responsible for read more »

California: Yet another bicycle legislation update 2013

The California legislature wrapped up the first year of their two year session last Friday. Damien Newton in Los Angeles tracked a few bills that may be of interest to you. I have a couple more here. First of all, a correction: Damien mistakenly reports that AB 417 (CEQA exemptions for bike plans) died in read more »