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Blumenauer as Secretary of Transportation?

Some people speculate that Earl Blumenauer, the famous bicycling Congressman from Oregon, may be invited to join Barack Obama’s cabinet as the Secretary of Transportation. What do you think? More: Planetizen, Gristmill, Bike Portland.

Ray LaHood as Secretary of Transportation?

Retiring representative Ray LaHood from Illinois has apparently been chosen as Barack Obama’s Secretary of Transportation. So far, transit advocates are less than thrilled with this pick. California HSR blog: Ray LaHood – HSR Denier Streetsblog: “You have got to be freaking kidding me”, though this year LaHood supported two public transportation acts in Congress. read more »

Bike Summit Update

Who am I? My name is Jessica Thompson, and I’m a Project Planner for the League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB). (Shameless plug–click here to become a member!) Thanks to our generous Executive Director Ed Barsotti, I am have been in DC since yesterday, learning about bicycle-related policy. Tomorrow I will ask for it (5+ times!) read more »

National BIke Summit highlights so far

The 2009 National Bike Summit in Washington DC kicked off with a record 550 attendees last night. Some highlights: Quantify! You cannot judge the effectiveness of your advocacy efforts if you don’t count the cyclists in your town. The League of American Bicyclists won’t give you anything beyond a “Bronze” rating as a Bicycle Friendly read more »

USA National Bike Summit tweeters

The 2009 National Bike Summit starts Tuesday, March 10 with hundreds of cycling and cyclist advocates in Washington DC to visit with Congresscritters and their aids, staffers, lackeys and hangers on. The IMBA sent out a press release saying they’ll liveblog from the Bike Summit, but then they marvelously left out a key piece of read more »