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Breanna Slaughter-Eck

Death monsters strike again, this time in San Jose, California. *sigh* Updated (and heart-wrenching) story here. The driver apparently turned left into the little girl. More: Chron Murky News. CBS 5. NBC 11. The scene of the collision is in the Rose Garden neighborhood, a nice residential area. Park Avenue is favored by cyclists. Any read more »

City Cycling UK

City Cycling UK issue 37 is now available for reading online. More below the cool bicyle t-shirt design by Julius Bulius. Here in the United State of America, Friday July 4 marks our Independence Day holiday. I thought about going up to San Francisco for the weekend to watch the Quake City Rumble messenger races read more »

Sidewalk riding

Peter Smith (Google Maps Bike There) stirs up controversy by advocating for sidewalk riding.