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Brooks saddle video

I just watched a short, 14 minute promotional film about Brooks England, the famous bicycle saddle manufacturer in Birmingham, England. The company was started in 1866 as a leather trading company. In 1878, the company founder and president, J.B. Brooks, was riding his horse to work when the horse died. He couldn’t afford a new read more »

Secure seatpost and saddle clamp

Look closely at this new seatpost clamp from Fortified Bicycle. Like other security clamps, the Payback clamp uses a keyed bolthead to help protect your saddle from theft, but there’s more.

Faraday Bikes: 75% there!

The Faraday Bicycle combines a winning design, made-in-America handcrafted steel, an incredible feature set for utility and a motor in a lovely package created by a Silicon Valley design nerd who knows and loves bikes for transportational cycling.