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Brother of Gwadzilla

Marc Gwadz of Washington, D.C. is the brother of prolific bike photo blogger Gwadzilla. Marc races cyclocross, works as a scientist at the National Institutes of Health, and wears “Cars R Coffins” socks on his bike commute. Marc also gets bike commuter benefits from his employer in the form of “bike bucks,” which are redeemable read more »

International Gwadzilla Blog Week!

In the world of Bicycle Blogs, Gwadzilla is king of the mountain. King Gwadzilla says vote for the Gwadzilla blog at I’m glad to give my vote to Gwadzilla! He always posts cool photos and interesting commentary about cycling in Washington, D.C. Bicycle blog link love I’ll mention the bicycle blogs that have linked read more »

Bikes, blogs and the news: Monday roundup

Today: An Afghan women’s cycling team, maybe a bike bridge across the USA-Canada frontier, bike lane parking, adventures, rides, obstacles and opportunities.