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Bus bike racks benefit the park and rider

One of the passengers on my bus occasionally gripes about the free provision made for bicycles on Santa Cruz County buses, especially the Highway 17 Express that we ride every day. Santa Cruz installs bike racks with a capacity for three bicycles on their buses. The district spends about $1000 to purchase and install each read more »

VTA budget notes

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) are working on their biennial budget for fiscal 2014 and 2015. VTA’s fiscal year begins on July 1. Here are my quick observations from selections of the draft budget.

Bicycles as public transit

Chattanooga Tennessee calls their new bike share program “Chattanooga Bicycle Transit.”

Snubbed cycling visitors

This pair of cyclists from Seattle felt at home in the rain as they visited the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz. They did not enjoy the poor hospitality of a Santa Cruz Metro driver and one of our perpetually cranky passengers.