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Bus drivers bike to work

Here’s a photo of the King County Metro employee parking area in Washington state.

Dooring a bus & blaming the bus driver

A parked driver in Seattle opens her door into the path of a moving bus with predictable results. Just like everybody else, she’s a better than average driver who would never cause a traffic accident, so naturally she blamed the bus driver for taking out her car door.

Los Gatos businesses complain about too much traffic

I was just riding along the other weekend in Los Gatos, CA when I noticed “no right turn” signs at Massol and Tait Avenues from Highway 9. I’ve heard that the town of Los Gatos now has signs at all of the town entries to discourage cut-through traffic.

Santa Cruz Tesla driver arraigned, pleads not guilty

The alleged killer of Santa Cruz cyclist Josh Alper was arraigned last Friday in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Stephen Siegel decided not to set bail for Navindra Kumar Jain, the driver who lost control of his car on Highway 1 last November 2. He veered across the center line and struck read more »

Bike commuter helps driver in distress

The Champaign-Urbana News Gazoo in Illinois reports that University of Illinois professor Steve LaValle was Just Riding Along when he ran across a diabetic man parked on the side of the road. LaValle is currently on a leave of absence from the U of I and is working in Irvine, California, where he rides his read more »

Stanley Roberts on bike lane abuse and right hooks

KRON’s Stanley Roberts on bike lane abuse in San Francisco and how right hooks happen. The comments on the YouTube page seem mostly positive, but many people (drivers and cyclists alike) claim this material about how to turn by a bike lane is not in the DMV drivers handbook. You can find it on the read more »