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The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall on Cannondale’s 2009 “Six” road bike because they’re missing wheel frisbees. US Federal safety regulations mandates spoke protectors on all new bicycles. Cannondale authorized dealers will install the spoke protectors for you free of charge as shop staff razz you. More at CPSC. The “Six” is read more »

Singlespeed bikes: Illegal death traps?

These bikes may be illegal to sell in the United States! Do you see the problem with these production bikes? See if you can find it before I give it away below the photos. Swobo Del Norte Spot Brand 29er Cayne Uno Strida 5.0 Bianchi San Jose Cannondale Hooligan This belt drive singlespeed from Lynskey, read more »

Tuesday Bike News:

Good morning from California. Carlton Reid reminds us that it’s our own stupid fault the motor car became so popular. We cyclists insisted on hard surface roads. We wanted road rules to keep pedestrians out of the way. Because cycling as a hobby belonged mostly to deranged, sport-minded young men with a bent for innovation, read more »

Impeding traffic as a pretext for warrantless search

Old news I know, but I missed it since I was on vacation. A group of people cycling down four lane Western Avenue in Gardena, CA are stopped and cited for “impeding traffic,” frisked, and then lectured by clue-impaired Gardena officers that they should stay out of traffic because, apparently, they refuse to enforce traffic read more »

Dwayne Wade in Critical Mass; San Francisco 20th Anniversary photos

We already know Miami Heat point guard Dwayne Wade is an avid urban cyclist. He also participated in tonight’s Miami Critical Mass.

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After a challenging couple of weeks in the bike maintenance, I’m going to throw in the towel and give running a shot.