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Biking in Southern California

This morning, Southern California Public Radio KPCC in Pasadena, CA ran a special “Biking in Southern California” program in place of the Car Talk reruns they normally play at 10 AM on Saturday.

Another Big Sur Landslide

More rain = another substantial Highway 1 landslide down in Big Sur. This one has closed Highway 1 near Limekiln Creek about 30 miles south of the Bixby Bridge / Rocky Creek road closure.

Notes from the Silicon Valley Bike Summit

I attended the 5th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit last Wednesday along with about 200 other people, which Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Director Shiloh Ballard tells me is the largest crowd they’ve had.

Midweek carnage

This morning, we receive news from Palo Alto, CA of a mother who was seriously injured after she was hit by a juvenile driving a car in a residential neighborhood. Elsewhere today: Sedan into the back of a big rig on I-5 near Orland, CA results in driver fatality. Tuesday: Very confusing set of dispatches read more »

A Bike Friday Xtracycle

Bike Friday is designing an Xtracycle-compatible collapsible small tire longtail cargo bike called the “Haul-A-Day.”

Lord Mayor Andrew Montague rides a bicycle

Andrew Montague, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland, included Bike Party in his Sister City visit to San Jose over the weekend.