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California Highway Patrol incident feed for bicycles

I’ve whipped up a script that takes the California Highway Patrol live traffic incident data feed from the 20 CHP dispatch centers around the state and filters for anything mentioning bikes or bicycles. You can see the results here. At the time I’m writing this post, there’s a single incident between Woodland and Davis, CA: read more »

California Traffic Update

Mobile phone video cameras, Memorial Day traffic death toll, bicycle collisions, and more on California bicycle safety. Gary Richards at the Mercury News writes on the legality of shooting video wile driving to catch all of those other scofflaws in the act!

California Highway Patrol bicycle incidents

The California Highway Patrol posts traffic incident dispatches to the web. A while ago I wrote a script to filter out incidents involving bikes or bicycles, and I finally modified this script to save each bike incident to a web page. You’ll see a few false positives involving motorcycles, and most of the ‘bike incidents’ read more »

Police blotter

Announcing @chpfatal: In response to the recent fascination with bike accident map projects, I’ve created @chpfatal on Twitter. It’s a real time feed of fatal car crashes in California as reported by the California Highway Patrol. We had about 3,000 traffic fatalities in California in 2009, which is about eight lost lives everyday. The Twitter read more »