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California may take gas tax

While the U.S. Federal Government contemplates supplementing the Highway Trust Fund from the general fund, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes raiding the state gas tax to pay into the general state budget. This move would take $750 million from local transportation budgets statewide each year. For cities that rely heavily on state funds to repair read more »

Happy Halloween: Bay Area mayhem, death & destruction

Do you remember that poor 12 year old kid who was right hooked by a Lincoln Navigator at his school driveway in Byron, California? Bike lawyer Bob Mionske writes about him and compares the response of local authorities here vs what they do in the Netherlands. When the driver says, “I didn’t see the cyclist,” read more »

The Fourth Power Rule

Discussion about fees and taxes for bicycles so that we cyclists “pay our fair share” often turn to mentions of the “Fourth Power Rule.” So what is this mysterious Fourth Power Rule?

What does a 250 watt bicycle motor mean?

Electric bicycles are rated in terms of the power rating of their motors. But what does it mean to have a “250 watt” motor on your bike?”

Breakfast at Mollie’s

I visited the Bike To Work Day breakfast station at Mollie’s Country Cafe in Scotts Valley, CA this morning, but first, take a look at this gas station sign I biked past on the way there.

Ron Wengler’s $150 bicycle fee

This is making the rounds on various California mailing lists this morning: Ron Wengler of the Northridge West Neighborhood Council wants the city of Los Angeles to “reinstitute bicycle licensing fees” of “at least $150 per year to reflect their shared responsibility for the cost of maintaining the roads and their safe use.” Update: The read more »