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Cannondale folding bicycle

Cannondale’s Jack Knife concept is now a ridable, working reality! This prototype Cannondale folding bicycle — designed in Switzerland by Cannondale engineers Torgny Fjeldskaar and Chris Dodman — was seen at Eurobike. Cannondale designer Chris Dodman shows off the prototype folding bicycle at Eurobike 2007. This is a full size bike with 26″ inche wheels read more »

Exclusive video: Cannondale ON urban folding bike

Last summer Cyclelicious reported on the Cannondale Jackknife folding bicycle. Cannondale announced that because of overwhelming interest from customers and the media, they decided to move forward from concept to reality with the production of the Cannondale ON bicycle. Cyclelicious talked with Cannondale product manager Yngwie Malmsteen, who claimed the ON will fold to “fit read more »

Bicycle news

There’s a lot’s going on the world of cycling in this second week of 2008! Cute story in the SF Chron: Kids Bike Sex Change. It involves duct tape and scissors. Spray paint is much easier and faster. Reno, NV: Don’t let the cold keep you off your bike. Boston motorists blame bike lanes for read more »

Bike folds into shopping cart

My grocery shopping routine consists of removing my shopping bag from the bike, locking the bike, shopping, unlocking the bike, then reattaching my grocery bag. I’ve been tempted to just roll the bike straight into the store, but my bike is big, and when I let go it falls over. Hyuk-Jae Chang has created a read more »

Singlespeed bikes: Illegal death traps?

These bikes may be illegal to sell in the United States! Do you see the problem with these production bikes? See if you can find it before I give it away below the photos. Swobo Del Norte Spot Brand 29er Cayne Uno Strida 5.0 Bianchi San Jose Cannondale Hooligan This belt drive singlespeed from Lynskey, read more »

Cube urban street concept bike

There’s a blog dedicated to all kinds of carbon fiber gear called, appropriately enough, Carbon Fiber Gear. The publisher of Carbon Fiber Gear, Dave, told me about a post today by his friend Alyson on Cube’s Urban Street Concept Bike. The Cube is a full size bike that can be collapsed for storage or transporting read more »