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Car shaped bicycle

Does anybody know the background of this car shaped bike? My buddy Saam — who says it’s ‘rad’ — sent it to me but he in turned got it from a friend. Its filename is “toronto_bike_show” so I’m guessing it came from the Toronto Bike Show last Saturday.

Bicycles as transportation in Caltrans museum

The Caltrans District 7 Transportation Museum in Los Angeles features “Bike Local! Bicycles as Everyday Transportation” during the month of May for bike month.

Meat Bicycle

This is so wrong and so oddly random: When you combine muscle, power and skill with a sword, the result is a pretty woman sitting on a meat bicycle? I’m told this is an ad for Cold Steel Knives, and that’s Lynn Thompson, the “Founder, President and Face” of Cold Steel Knives in the video. read more »

Buyer’s Guide to Bike Shaped Objects

The “Bike Shaped Object” or BSO is the derisive term bike snobs like me use for the cheap, two wheeled toys sold at mass retail outlets. They seem to almost always be improperly assembled with parts installed backwards, non functioning brakes, bent pedals, and warped wheels. My first bit of advice about buying a Bike read more »

My perfect commuter bicycle

Consider the lowly beater bike. Over at Commute By Bike, Arleigh has started the Build Your Perfect Commuter Bike project. Various people have weighed in about frame style, frame material, brakes, gearing, chaincases, fenders, integrated lightning and so on. Ghost Rider comments that if you ask 100 people for their opinion on the perfect bike, read more »

Friday: a death, and bike news

A colleague and friend passed yesterday morning after a too-short battle against the East Asian Curse, stomach cancer. James of Cupertino, California was a large man who never dressed up in lycra bike clothes, but friends, family and neighbors could still describe him as an avid cyclist. His fascination with bikes began in the early read more »