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Carnage in Menlo Park

Last Thursday evening I wondered why Menlo Park police were hanging out at the office campus where I work. I noticed the fresh glass and car parts at the parking lot entrance and figured yet another scofflaw motorist running the red light at that intersection. The city installed red light cameras there, and it wasn’t read more »

Friday carnage

The Sentinel reports a 30 year old cyclist was seriously injured on Bay Street, Santa Cruz, CA on Thursday afternoon. The driver of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck claimed the sun was in his eyes when he made a left turn across the path of the cyclist. He couldn’t see where he was going, so read more »

Midweek carnage

As I type this, CHP have closed both lanes of northbound Highway 17 in Santa Cruz County, California. Somebody drove his vehicle off of the side of the highway and down the side of the mountain. Two women were ejected from the vehicle, and the car landed on top of one of the ejected passengers. read more »


I’ve tracked at least 26 motorist fatalities in California this week as of this morning. These are DOA as handled by the CHP and pronounced on state highways. This does not include the cyclist killed by the 27-Bryant bus this morning in San Francisco. Driver in Menlo Park accidentally hit the gas, jumps the curb, read more »

Friday’s Pro Tip: Don’t try to bike through a police barricade when a maniac in the national capital starts shooting. Even Canadian law enforcement will take you down, albeit politely and with utmost professionalism. More bike news below the photo of cyclist Bernard Desgagne on the ground. #457676706 /

San Jose Bike Train coming soon

I’m talking with Lady Fleur and a couple of other people to start up a San Jose Bike Train. A bike train is a no-drop (~10 MPH) group commute designed specifically to help newcomers overcome obstacles like wayfinding. Our initial route will begin from Diridon Station in San Jose, with maybe a spur from near read more »