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Chain stretch

Chains don’t really “stretch” — the insides of the chain wear with use, resulting in parts with more play and an elongation of a length of chain. You measure chain wear (or stretch) by lining the chain against a ruler. Because the links are exactly 1/2 inch long, the measure from rivet to rivet should read more »

Wheel fairings for bicycles

One of the interesting things I saw during the Sea Otter Classic last weekend was this set of wheel fairings for bicycles created by aerospace industry veteran Garth Magee.

Happy Birthday John Kemp Starley

J.K. Starley (1854–1901) was an English industrialist who invented the archetypal “safety bicycle” in Coventry, England. His Rover bicycles with 26 inch wheels, chain drive, and diamond frame (the seat tube came later) revolutionized the bicycle industry and led to a 1890s bicycle boom, with the Rover Safety bicycle exported and much copied around the read more »

Recycled aluminum bicycles

Extruded aluminum used for bicycle tubes are already partly recycled, but Ride Recycle promises more in their uniquely designed, belt drive, made-in-the-USA bikes.

Swobo Bicycles for 2010

Swobo had some bikes and gear at Sea Otter 2010 that will be available at your local bike shop Real Soon Now.

Bicycle for my daughter

My daughter grew out of her old 20″ wheel bike a while ago. It’s a real stretch for her to ride any bike with 26″ tires (including my son’s old 13″ Gary Fisher frame), so I need something with 24″ wheels. She definitely wants a step through frame, which eliminates Specialized’s and Raleigh’s entire line read more »