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Creepy stalkers with bikes

Maybe I’m out of touch, but I picture creepy desperate stalkers in this article about hooking up with random women on bikes using the wildly popular Velib bike rental service in Paris, France. Two-wheeled séducteurs prefer to hang around the Velib rental stations offering aid to neophyte women. “Always smile and be helpful when la read more »

Catching up

Road Bike Across Kansas is a new blog geared to beginners. The blog author, Jackie, is new to cycling and says she absolutely loves it. “It’s a really intimidating sport,” she tells me, “so I am trying to cover the basics, including definitions and basic information about finding a great bike shop, choosing a bike, read more »

Politics as usual

Thank you to all who contacted your Senator regarding the mandatory sidepath law in S.1813. In case you missed the earlier update, the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee unamimously approved S.1813, the MAP-21 highway authorization bill. The bill goes to the Senate floor. Details about the process and further opportunities for your involvement read more »

Skirt and bicycle

Many women I know prefer the more “feminine” look of skirts and dresses even while cycling; my wife is one of them. In the San Francisco Bay Area, I see a handful of women who dress up for work and ride their bikes in their office wear. One in particular I see almost every day read more »