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Cigarette Cyclist

Seen this week in San Jose, California. Remember, kids, smoking kills.

Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist

Among the 13 stories published in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Return of Sherlock Holmes is “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist,” in which a Victorian gal on a bike is stalked by a fixie riding hipster.

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Public safety and the bike commute

An online acquaintance was mugged while riding his bike home from work the other evening, prompting a discussion on personal safety while bicycling.

RIP Ellen Fletcher

Holocaust survivor, PTA mom, city council member, and bike advocate: Ellen Fletcher succumbed yesterday at age 83 to lung cancer at her Palo Alto home.

Happy Friday

My commute this morning was a little more interesting than usual. While biking across Menlo Park I watched an obviously impaired driver in an old Subaru attempting something like a three point turn that became more like a 15 point turn. This is on a low speed school zone road, and the other drivers kept read more »

Wednesday night bike news

Hi all, and happy Wednesday night (in the United States now, anyway). Per usual, hover over the photos for their captions.