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City Cycling UK

City Cycling UK issue 37 is now available for reading online. More below the cool bicyle t-shirt design by Julius Bulius. Here in the United State of America, Friday July 4 marks our Independence Day holiday. I thought about going up to San Francisco for the weekend to watch the Quake City Rumble messenger races read more »

2013 year in review for bicycling

Happy Holidays, faithful readers. Each year I try to track bicycle news of note for the year. You might notice a regional focus. How many of these items do you remember? What have I missed?

Wrong way cycling not as dangerous as we thought?

The other day Elly Blue wrote that wrong-way riding (aka “salmoning”) is maybe not so much a character flaw as it is an indication that something is wrong with the system, whether it be evidence of a lack in bicycle safety education or a problem with our infrastructure.

Sister City Velodrome Challenge

Program challenges Oakland youth to take up track cycling. In 2012, the Junior Racing Foundation will encourage high school aged Youth in Oakland, CA and Fukuoka, Japan by hosting the Sister City Summer Bicycle Velodrome Racing Challenge. The program will be held in the Hellyer Velodrome (San Jose, CA) and Kurume City Keirin Stadium (Fukuoka, read more »

Cycling is dangerous!

The UK Carbon Trust — a green non-profit working to “to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy” — discourages cycling on company business because cycling is too dangerous. They also don’t reimburse employees for Boris bike rentals because “the company cannot assess the quality or safety of any Boris bike and it is read more »

Cash prizes for amateurs at San Jose Cycling Classic Criterium

Thanks to a contribution from Click Safety, the Criterium built by WEBCOR will include a total of $2,000 in cash prizes for amateur riders. The Criterium built by WEBCOR, held during the San Jose Cycling Classic at 8 a.m., Saturday, February 14, also includes $5,000 for top male professionals and $5,000 for top female professionals. read more »