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City government bike share

Unlike this agency, some governments actually encourage the use of bicycles during the workday by providing loaner fleet of bikes that can be used for travel between government offices. This Tuscon Citizen article lists these U.S. cities with bikes available for city employee use. Ithaca, N.Y.Portland, Ore.Eugene, Ore.Davis, Calif.Madison, Wis.Burlington, Vt.Boulder, Colo.Cambridge, Mass.Toronto, Ont.Redmond, Wash.San read more »

Istanbul: More money for parking and bike lanes, bans for school buses and private corporate shuttles

As part of a broader plan to grow the nation’s economy, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu introduced a proposal for congestion pricing and restrictions on school buses and private shuttle buses in Istanbul, along with plans to encourage bicycle use through the expansion of bike facilitie. The new transport plan also dedicates transit revenue for read more »

Bike to Work Day Colorado 2014

Colorado’s Bike to Work Day in late June always confuses everybody else around the nation who do it during National Bike Month in June, but hey, it works for them so go with the flow.

$4M for Sacramento bike share

The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD) has approved nearly $4 million for a regional bike share program for Sacramento, West Sacramento and Davis.

Countering Emily Litella’s NY bike share hatorade

Forget about Dorothy Rabinowitz. Sure, she’s a Pulitzer prize winner, but she has clearly lost her mind and is irrelevant. Even some of her fellow conservatives believe that Rabinowitz has lost it with her incomprehensible tirades on various topics. Watch and listen to what another well-loved New Yorker, Bill Cunningham, says about New York City’s read more »

Big gains in bike commuting on San Francisco Peninsula

Palo Alto number two in the nation behind Davis at 10.1% The U.S. Census released their 2011 American Community Survey estimates on Wednesday, and San Francisco Peninsula bike advocate Andrew Boone found some surprising gains for the region.