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Colorado bike haiku

Carl ran a bike club for students at Columbine Elementary School in Longmont, Colorado. The bike club was for the Walk Or Wheels (“WOW”) program at the school, which encourages students to walk or bike to school and which has an astounding participation rate of over 90%. Carl started the club as an additional impetus read more »

Another type of three foot law

Wisconsin 3 foot law penalizes cyclists who ride in the door zone In most U.S. states, drivers and occupants of cars and trucks are required to check behind them for traffic before opening their doors. In Chicago, motorists can be fined up to $500 for dooring a cyclist. Chicago cyclists can travel just a few read more »

Random bicycle news

Time to catch up on some links. Spinning world record attempt. 112 hours on a stationary bike. With video. Sue asked me to link to this about biking for polar bears. And she continues to post many many bike haikus, so I’ll just point to her blog. Photo “Pizza delivery by bicycle” by Matty Lang read more »

Bicycle fenders

Fenders are my friend. Mudguards are marvelous. And of course I’m obligated to link to Getinlost in Colorado, who posted a haiku about fenders. Fenders enable me to ride my bike without getting the stripe up my backside. Fenders keep my shoes from getting soaked through except in the worst downpours. Fenders help keep muck read more »