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San Jose Bike Train coming soon

I’m talking with Lady Fleur and a couple of other people to start up a San Jose Bike Train. A bike train is a no-drop (~10 MPH) group commute designed specifically to help newcomers overcome obstacles like wayfinding. Our initial route will begin from Diridon Station in San Jose, with maybe a spur from near read more »

Atherton wants your input for a new bike plan

The town of Atherton, California (America’s most expensive ZIP code for 2013, where the cheapest home — a 1,194-square-foot, two-bedroom bungalow on a 6,000-square-foot lot lists for $1.2 million), is creating a new Bicycle Plan, and they invite those who live there or travel through Atherton to give their input.

Denis McDonough commutes by bike

I’ve seen the reports that Denis McDonough was a hard core bike commuter who rode the seven miles from his Maryland home into Washington. When President Barack Obama announced his selection of McDonough for his new Chief of Staff, though, he quipped to McDonaough’s children, “Dad will probably have to stop riding his bike to read more »

Neanderthals and bikes

An American paleoconservative wants to mainstream bicycling as transportation in American society.

Your bike commute obstacles?

Commute By Bike has an interesting project: They’d like you to talk about what excuses you had to get past to commute by bike.

Question: Full size folding bikes?

I have a friend who wants a bike so he can bike to work from the train station. He’s considering a full sized folding bike, like those available from Montague with 26″ wheels. Are full sized folders at all practical for multimodal commutes? Can you haul these into a bus or train? Caltrain’s folding bike read more »