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Compare and contrast: an 1896 cycle map vs today

I overlayed a Google map of the region over that famous 1896 California cycling map from George Blum’s 80 page guide to cycle touring. If I feel ambitious I might overlay a modern bike map – either Google’s bike layer, or the bike layer from OSM. You can download the original image from the Library read more »

Compare and Contrast

H/T: Spokesmen Bicycles in Santa Cruz, who says, “We’ll stick to nice people and good coffee.”

Compare and Contrast

Copenhagenize draws our attention to this Audi ad that highlights some suckier aspects of “alternative” transportation while emphasizing the ridiculous highway conditions required to enjoy the exhilarating commute enjoyed by Audi drivers. If you drive an Audi, you’ll never have miserable commutes hindered by weather or those pesky other people. This ad shows the Audi read more »

Caltrain bikes on board: Compare and contrast

Benjamin Damm submitted this photo to the Caltrain board today showing the load on the bike car and a regular passenger car on a couple of morning trains out of San Francisco. This photo posted by Murph to Holier Than You. Cyclists planned to attend today’s Caltrain Joint Powers Board meeting en masse to call read more »

Chicago compare and contrast

Or turnabout is fair play. First there’s this by Cate Plys: Dear bicyclists: Next time, think of us motorists. Yes, yes, we know. You’re better than us. You care about the planet. In your vast wardrobe of colorful biking outfits, you imagine you look like you’re racing up an alp in the Tour de France read more »

Cargo bike compare & contrast

There’s a nice writeup on five kid and cargo carriers at Treehugger today. They looked at the Yuba Mundo (v. 3.0), Taga trike / stroller, Stokemonkey + Xtracycle, Bakfiets, and one handmade bike — the ShuttleBug from Joe Bike in Portland, OR. After you’ve read the Treehugger article, come back here to see a few read more »