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Contact lens

I’m typing this on Saturday afternoon after a pleasant ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains. My vision is a little blurry, however, because I lost my left contact lens as I zoomed down the 14% grade of Empire Grade Road at 40 mph. I tell you it’s a little terrifying traveling at that speed and read more »

Prescription cycling eyewear?

I’ve always cycled in either my normal prescription eyeglasses with polycarb, photochromatic lenses, or in my contact lenses with non-prescription sports sunglasses such as these budget Tifosi sports shades

This didn’t turn out as expected

I live and ride in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, which means frequent transitions between bright sun and dark shade. I normally ride with contacts and sunglasses with an amber tint. It’s a compromise that is too dark for the redwood canopy and too light for bright sun on the coast. sent me read more »