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Cookbook for endurance athletes

Okay, add this to my Christmas list please. It’s a cookbook for endurance athletes. The Athlete’s Plate: Real Food for High Performance promises to deliver tips on buying locally and organically grown foods to use in recipes to create “real food for high performance.” Chef and athlete Adam Kelinson has recipes for smoothies and juices; read more »

The Crunchy Christian and a cookbook review

In Jewish and Christian scripture, the prophet Daniel was among the young men who were brought from Jerusalem to be servants to King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. To avoid defiling himself and to show solidarity with his people, he refused to eat the “king’s meat” and subsisted on an essentially vegan, gluten-free diet. The evangelical / read more »

Cookbook : The Athlete’s Plate

UPDATE: The winner is Bruce A via Twitter. Congratulations! The Athlete’s Plate: Real Food for High Performance from Velopress is a guide and cookbook with easily prepared recipes by professional chef and endurance athlete Adam Kelinson.