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Cruiser bikes from Masi

Tim “Masi Guy” Jackson has unveiled one of the new bikes in the 2008 lineup. The Masi Speciale SoulVille. This bike is simply gorgeous! This cruiser bike represents a shift to diversifying from Masi’s road and track racing heritage. “Let’s face it, road—more specifically race bikes—had to slow down eventually,” Jackson said. “The market is read more »

Why you should plug your bar ends

This is pretty rough to look at, but it’s a reminder of why plugs in your handlebars are a good idea. Guitar Ted’s thoughts on belt drive systems for bicycles. Who is Heather Graham? Brad Pitt rides a cruiser bike. Via Jym. Masiguy’s Virtual Tradeshow. City Cycling: How to build a usuable bike path. Via read more »

Bay Area bike commuters

I’ve been commmuting by bike for a about 20 years, but nowhere have I seen more regular bike commuters in the U.S. than in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even though mornings have been chilly lately, I still see several dozen bike commuters every day. Here’s a sampling of photos just from yesterday and today. read more »