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CycleAware Stow Away backpack

The new Stow Away backpack from CycleAware is a simple mesh bag perfect for carrying small, lightweight objects such as jackets, arm warmers, and small odds and ends like wallets. The mesh minimizes weight and sweat, while a reflective panel on the back improves visibility. In this video, Lee of Cycle Aware describes the benefits read more »

On "Get-there-itis"

An opinion piece published in the Orlando Sentinel asking that we all get along. One thing I’ve heard from cyclists and non-cyclists, alike, is: “That road is too dangerous for bikes.” Of course, the roads themselves are not dangerous. It’s the behavior of impatient and distracted motorists that creates danger. And most of us are read more »

Bike newbies on Caltrain

As gas prices officially reached the $4 mark in San Francisco, Caltrain reported record weekday ridership of 36,993 for February 2008, a 9.3% increase over 2007. I’m not as scientific as Caltrain, but I’m seeing substantially more cyclists on the Caltrain bike cars, many of them with shiny new bikes. If you’re on the platform read more »