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Cyclelicious for mobile devices

I’ve modified Cyclelicious a little bit to present simplified content when a mobile device is detected. The sidebars are eliminated along with some of the ads. I’ll probably make a smaller header banner with my woefully meager graphics editing skills. Right now, the full content of the last six articles is still presented for mobile read more »

Admin: Mobile devices on Cyclelicious

The 5% of you who view Cyclelicious on a mobile device should see a simplified, mobile version of this site

Cyclelicious bike map

I have information about the Cycelicious bike map spread out across several posts, so I’ve created this page to consolidate that information and to serve as a central landing page for discussion, feature requests, and bug reports. About TBD, but in the meantime, read this and this. Treadly has a nice overview of features too. read more »

Cyclelicious Tops for 2008

Everybody else is doing it, so I might as well also. I’m strictly a numbers guy, so by the numbers… 2008 Top Content These pages had the most visitors in 2008. 5. Bicycles for heavy people.4. Bicyclist taxonomy.3. Bike commuter tax benefits.2. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.1. Kirsten Gum Not Nude. Top read more »

Bicycle news for mobile devices

I just ran across this Cyclelicious Mobile Widget from Plusmo. The Mobile Widget is a piece of software for your cell phone or other mobile device that sends Cyclelicious content to your phone, automatically. I’m not a user of small mobile technology — in fact, my cell phone died about 3 weeks ago and I read more »

Heatmaps and coverage

My goal for 2014: Ride very street in Santa Cruz, California. First of all a reminder: If you ride in the Monterey Bay region of California — the counties of Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey — please log your rides to Cycle Tracks Monterey. The regional planning agencies plan to use that data to read more »