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Cyclelicious for mobile devices

I’ve modified Cyclelicious a little bit to present simplified content when a mobile device is detected. The sidebars are eliminated along with some of the ads. I’ll probably make a smaller header banner with my woefully meager graphics editing skills. Right now, the full content of the last six articles is still presented for mobile read more »

Admin: Mobile devices on Cyclelicious

The 5% of you who view Cyclelicious on a mobile device should see a simplified, mobile version of this site

Cyclelicious bike map

I have information about the Cycelicious bike map spread out across several posts, so I’ve created this page to consolidate that information and to serve as a central landing page for discussion, feature requests, and bug reports. About TBD, but in the meantime, read this and this. Treadly has a nice overview of features too. read more »

Cyclelicious Tops for 2008

Everybody else is doing it, so I might as well also. I’m strictly a numbers guy, so by the numbers… 2008 Top Content These pages had the most visitors in 2008. 5. Bicycles for heavy people.4. Bicyclist taxonomy.3. Bike commuter tax benefits.2. I can ride my bike with no handlebars.1. Kirsten Gum Not Nude. Top read more »

Bicycle news for mobile devices

I just ran across this Cyclelicious Mobile Widget from Plusmo. The Mobile Widget is a piece of software for your cell phone or other mobile device that sends Cyclelicious content to your phone, automatically. I’m not a user of small mobile technology — in fact, my cell phone died about 3 weeks ago and I read more »

Traffic safety culture

“Safety Culture” is the concept that acting safely is considered the norm in the workplace environment. Researchers have been working for about the past decade to transfer lessons from workplace safety culture to a “traffic safety culture” to improve road safety.