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Cycling and right hooks

The Seattle Times published this decent article on the danger of “right hooks” from motorists. This is the hazard of a motorist who passes the cyclist then turns right directly in front of the cyclist, which often results in the cyclist hitting the side of the car. It’s probably the most common type of accident read more »

I’m not dead yet

Earlier this week, I hinted at a post with this title for Thursday, which never happened. This is as far as I got: I ride a bike everyday, and nothing ever happens to me.

Bicycle directions to Levi’s Stadium

Updates have been incorporated based your experience and mine from the Earthquakes / Sounders soccer game shakedown. The Levi’s Stadium bike directions list out suggested paths and streets to use when accessing the stadium. I personally like pictures, so I’ve created a map of bike paths and street access to the stadium from those paths read more »

My uneventful bike ride

For National Bike Month in the United States, which begins today, I ran out and bought a new GoPro Hero2 camera to record my bike rides. The video shows what usually happens on my typical evening commute, which is…. not much. I ride my bike. There are no near hits, no road rage, no blood read more »

About that Speed Vest

My (mostly non cycling) buddy Michael in Denver asked what the point of this Speed Vest is. Why is it helpful for motorists to know how fast a cyclist is going? I think motorists see a bike and mostly think “slow.” And yes, we generally are slower than most traffic. But there have been occasions read more »

Five Tips for your Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day is tomorrow in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere around the United States. If you haven’t been on your bike since the day you bought it at the local Sports Mart, these five tips will make your bike trip to work more enjoyable and hassle free. 1. ABC Quick Check! read more »