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Cyclist shot in East Palo Alto

Do you see where the little “A” tag is in the map below? A cyclist was shot there by a passing motorist last Friday morning in East Palo Alto. That major east west road right by that spot? That’s Bay Road, an important cycling route that connects University Avenue with the San Francisquito Creek path read more »

Dumbarton Bridge adventures

I watched traffic backing up in front of my office along Bayfront Expressway in Menlo Park Tuesday afternoon, and it wasn’t long before I learned police closed the Dumbarton Bridge when a man threatened to jump.

Stolen bikes and high heels

River Falls, Wisconsin sounds like a homey place. A couple of drunks stole a bike and, when confronted by police about an overheard conversation, actually confessed to the crime and showed the cops where the stolen bikes were at.