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Cyclocross on a bike share bike

The Chicago Sun Times blogs says this is Frederick Wu of Spidermonkey Cycling in Chicago. He was seen hucking that 40 pound Divvy bike last weekend at Chicago Cross Cup where he placed 83rd in the men’s Cat 4/5 Open race. Photo by Craig Newman and used with his permission. View his whole set of read more »

GoPro at the barriers: Men’s Pro Cyclocross

I camped by the first set of barriers during the Men’s Pro/1/2 Cyclocross race on Saturday afternoon at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey to shoot a few photos.

Cyclocross arena for San Jose

Joe Carpenter of San Jose and Murphy Mack of San Francisco have been working on a proposal for a 60 acre cyclocross park for San Jose. They say they’ve received a “go ahead” to create this new CX venue from San Jose city staff.

Surf City Cyclocross photos

I ran out to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds to shoot the Men Cat A race today during Surf City Cyclocross.

Santa Cruz Cyclocross

From the second of three races in the Surf City Cyclocross Series. The final race of the series, “Merry Crossmas,” takes place December 18 at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds north of Watsonville, California. Marin Bikes will provide demo bikes if you want to give cross a try. Info here.

Cyclocross fashion shoot

This is kinda funny. Via Bike Hugger, where you can find all of the cool links.