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DIY bicycle projects

Amber Lee at Givers Blog has a couple of DIY bike projects: An upcycled handlebar bag. Reflective handlebar flower tutorial.

DIY bicycle cap

Flickr user Panda Face sews his own cycling caps. You can too. The pattern is here. He uses a thin piece of plastic from a school folder (cut to shape) to stiffen the bill. Props to Bren @ Bike Hacks, which has lots of other cool DIY projects for your bike.

Bicycle projects galore

Since the end of the Tour de France I’ve been catching up on my day job. Here are several bike projects that should keep you busy for a while. Boing Boing audio electronic speedometer. If I have the time I might come up with some plans for that gizmo. MAKE: convert a kid trailer to read more »

Join California advocacy wonks on a 5 day bike tour

Register now for the California Dream Ride, a fully-supported five day semi-luxurious bicycle ride, with opportunities to meet and greet bicycle advocacy luminaries in the Golden State while riding from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Hitchhiking to Vegas

I’m on my way to Las Vegas for Interbike today, but that won’t stop me from posting the usual Hump Day links to bike news and bike blogs.


I think I’ve recovered from my four day weekend and I’m back in the swing of things. I spent the holiday playing around with MapQuest’s new bike route API to create this bike route application. It works in all of North America (yes, including Mexico and Canada) and Europe and even crosses national boundaries. It read more »