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Dangerous Bob Widin

Say hello to Caltrain Conductor Dangerous Bob Widin. Mr. Widin is a super positive guy. Widin was a set property master and got the nickname from Steven Spielburg during his work on “Back To the Future.” He’s writing a book on his Hollywood fun — he even has a publisher and editor — and he’s read more »

Bike to the Future with San Jose Bike Train this Wednesday

How would you dress in 1985? Find out when San Jose Bike Train rolls this Wednesday, October 21, 2015 on the day Marty McFly, Doc Browne and Jennifer Parker arrive in their Mr Fusion powered flying DeLorean Time Machine.

Are bike people friendlier than the average transit rider?

I don’t have an especially outgoing personality, yet I generally have little problem approaching complete strangers when we’re on bikes, talking with them and often enough shooting photos of them. I have little in common with many of the bike riders I see on Caltrain and the bus, but I know about their families, where read more »