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Saddle sore: abrasions, fungal infections, zits and cysts

CycleDog has a good post on how to avoid and treat the things that can go wrong with the “taint.” Take care of yourself. Which reminds me of Dave Zabriskie’s hilarious article in “Main-Taint-Ance.” It used to be on his site but I can’t find it anymore, but here’s a copy floating around the web.

Listen to Fritz (and David and Donna) on The Spokesmen

I make an appearance on this week’s edition of The Spokesmen cycling podcast. We talked about the local fatalities, the Tuscon Shootout, the baseball incident in Tuscon, the first prosecution using the new 3 foot law in Utah, Dave Zabriskie’s Yield To Life campaign, the mess with Perry Nees and ASO and UCI and Astana, read more »