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David Byrne Bicycle Diaries audiobook

David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries is now available as an audiobook, with narration and much of the music by David Byrne.

David Byrne Bicycle Diaries

I got a preview copy of David Bryne’s new book, Bicycle Diaries. Byrne of Talking Heads fame started using a bike to get around New York City in the 80s. Before long, he started toting a folding bike around while touring. “I discovered that zipping from one place to another by bike was amazingly fast read more »

David Byrne Bicycle Diaries

Alan @ EcoVelo beat me to this news: David Bryne (of Talking Heads fame) has a book coming out this September. Bicycle Diaries is Byrne’s travelogue chronicling his urban bicycle journeys through London, Berlin, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Paris, Belgrade, Sydney, Manila and New York. The book promises a “panoramic window on urban life over the read more »

Stuff I like: Bicycle books

I’m a book guy — I buy or borrow about a book a week. Here are some bike books your cycling friends might like as a gift. Please let me know if I missed any new books about bikes that I should list. Custom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit is a lovely coffee table book of read more »

Beyonce rides a bicycle

Taylor Swift models with bicycles, but Beyonce is the real thing — she likes to bike to see the city when she’s touring, a lot like David Byrne likes to do. The Irreplaceable hitmaker admits she has taken to two wheels to travel around cities when she is away on tour and she enjoys the read more »

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