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Deep thoughts

“Bike vandals are like baby pigeons, you know they exist, but you never see them.” – Bicicleta Bandita. Jim Langley says, “Every city bike needs a nice wicker basket.” Efficiency in Inefficiency. Some thoughts on the little things. Join the ITSA Congestion Challenge. Charleston Cycle Chic. New England Muscle Bike Museum. A nice Santa Cruz read more »

My thoughts on the tatoo polypropylene helmet

James of Bicycle Design first brought the Tatoo folding helmet to my attention about a week ago. Since then, the various popular geek blogs have picked up Fast Company’s critique of the Tatoo helmet. Firstly, one of the Tatoo innovations: It’s made completely of polypropylene and is recyclable. Bicycle helmets are mostly made from expanded read more »

Seth Godin rides a bicycle

Marketing guru Seth Godin rides a “truly weird recumbent bicycle” and thinks deep thoughts about waving to himself. I see bus drivers wave at each other all of the time in Santa Cruz and San Jose. In Texas, it’s common for people out on rural two lanes to raise a salute from their pickup trucks read more »

Baaaa! and bike stuff for you.

Happy Lunar New Year, all. Bike news and updates below the photo of cyclists riding through aflock of sheep and goats on the Manali-Leh highway, India. View image |

1800 Oil Spills Per Day

  Some thoughts for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend as an estimated 32 million people will travel over this holiday weekend. Maybe the ‘top kill’ effort to slow the Deepwater Horizon well will work, maybe not, but a month and a week of at least 200,000 gallons per day spewing into the Gulf of Mexico read more »