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@SchwankyTown Illegal parking by UPS delivery driv…

@SchwankyTown Illegal parking by UPS delivery drivers? I’m shocked!

Jobs at CLIF Bar

CLIF Bar recently gave each of their employees a new bike from PUBLIC Bikes for CLIF’s 20th Anniversary. In addition to the occasional free gifts like this, CLIF offers onsite childcare, significant commuter incentives such as cash for the purchase of a bike, and a sabbatical program. They’ll even pay your entry fees for athletic read more »

Sterilized bike lanes

Bike lanes blocked by double parkers, delivery trucks, and debris are a fact of life for many American cyclists. This week, many year round cyclists are dealing with bike lanes that are used as road side snow storage as snow plows push ice and snow into the bike lane.

Brooklyn Bike Lanes

Happy Holidays, all. It’s sunshiny and wonderful if a little chilly in my corner of California — perfect riding weather. I hear many of you will have a white Christmas this weekend, so stay safe on the roads.


I think I’ve recovered from my four day weekend and I’m back in the swing of things. I spent the holiday playing around with MapQuest’s new bike route API to create this bike route application. It works in all of North America (yes, including Mexico and Canada) and Europe and even crosses national boundaries. It read more »

Marin to SF bike commute in the Wall Street Journal

TJ Kelly and Frank Colson work for Sportgenic, a sports media startup in San Francisco. They both live in Mill Valley on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. They both added up the cost of their 14 mile commute and decided to start biking it in. One rainy morning earlier read more »