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Delta 7 IsoTruss road bike

You might remember the IsoTruss mountain bike from Delta 7 Sports. That’s the group that hand builds bike frames with an open truss structure with carbon fiber. I don’t have photos yet, but Delta 7 will unveil a road bike at the Interbike in two weeks. This bike will also feature a carbon fiber / read more »

Delta 7 Ascend road bike review

It’s not about the bike, but… The Delta 7 Ascend is the road version of Delta 7’s “IsoTruss” carbon fiber mesh frame. I got to play with it during the Sea Otter Classic 2009. Gary Fisher and the infamous “Bikes Gone Wild” both gave me grief for it, but I just had to try this read more »

Delta 7 Ascend

Here’s a little sneak peak at Delta 7’s new “Ascend” road bike frame using their Iso Truss technology. I’ll have better photos when they unveil this beauty at the show later today.

Interbike 2007 overview of bikes

Mountain bikes Everybody has 29er bikes. Even low-end vendor Dynacraft has full suspension and single 29er bikes for the mass mart market. Read Guitar Ted’s Floor Highlights at Twenty Nine Inches. The Ibis Tranny hardtail mountain bike was an interesting concept. The rear triangle can be completely removed for compact packing for travel. You can read more »

Sea Otter 2009 photos

I suppose I should post some of my photos from the 2009 Sea Otter Classic and Expo. BMX is kind of fun to take pictures of. Ben Clough of CycleAware shows me the Torpedo vacuum insulated bottle that fits in a standard bicycle bottle cage. I think he told me it will be available for read more »