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How low can you go? Scooter + bike = ultra low step through

Check out the “Moox” bike — a crazy scooter + bike combo shown below with its inventor, Mike Silvestri.

Parking, simulations, and asthetics

If you’ve ever looked at a Google satellite view of your local shopping center or office park, you’ve probably noticed how much space car storage takes up relative to the actual building. This aerial view makes any parking-dependent development fairly ugly in the minds of many people. Jarrett Walker points out some of the compromises read more »

California vehicle code website redesign

Happy Friday to you. All of you Internet bicycle lawyers who access the CA DMV website to read the California vehicle have noticed the old URLs no longer give valid information. As far as I can tell, CA DMV hasn’t published any kind of notice about this change. Because no error is returned, Google doesn’t read more »

I am not at Interbike and California 3 foot law

My Instagram feed is full of photos from the huge bicycle industry show at Las Vegas. I see a lot of interesting new stuff, but I’m not there. Read below the striped socks dude for bicycle news, both local and far flung.

A bike demo, hill sprints, and oh my aching legs

Whatever doesn’t kill me only makes me cry “Uncle!”: I overdid things with an extended demo on Specialized’s latest Roubaix bike and then hill sprints on a fixed gear bike. I’m in some real pain today. Ow.

Clever USB charging dynamo for bikes

My cell phone generally runs out of juice after three hours when the GPS is actively in use, which is the scenario when I’m tracking my bike rides. Engineers Aaron Latzke & David Delcourt in San Francisco designed this clever USB charging system that inserts over your bicycle rear wheel axle between the fork and read more »