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Did you wear green today?

Update: St. Patrick’s day was actually last Saturday, not today. “They” move the day around when it falls during Holy Week. I still enjoyed my corned beef and cabbage (actually saurkraut) for lunch today. Post a comment with a link to your photo wearing green on or around the bike! This is the green Bike read more »

Panda Portrait

I had a lovely commute this morning sitting in traffic in my climate controlled minivan. I thought I’d share the wonderful drive I had. I did have a couple of ‘interesting’ interactions today; I’m so glad I was sealed up safely in my car!


On August 29, 2009, I had the following Letter to the Editor published in The Cape Breton Post: OK, enough is enough. Every day on my way home I encounter the same three cyclists on Kings Road, all riding on the sidewalk against traffic. Putting aside that riding this way carries seven to nine times read more »

Notes on Nina (not a ballerina…)

High tech, young, pretty, low footprint and green I profiled local bike commuter Nina Simon today on Commute By Bike. I first noticed Nina a couple of months ago as she rode into town from the woods and past my home to the bus stop. She always wears a bright yellow vest with red LED read more »