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Don’t ride like this

Hotshot on a bike tries to squeeze into the tiny space between a bus and a truck in this cringe worthy video. He almost makes it. Bystanders scream in horror. The guy with the camera says “That was really stupid.” It’s not as bad as it could’ve been.

Don’t ride like this

I’m being a gutter bunny and filtering to the right of traffic on Mission Street in Santa Cruz, California. It’s generally a bad idea to ride to the right of moving traffic, and you should never pass trucks on the right. I mitigate the risk somewhat by slowing behind vehicles when crossing intersections, but I read more »

Amputee cyclist rides and changes tire with NO HANDS

If you don’t like to ride a bike or don’t enjoy cycling, that’s fine with me. You don’t need my permission. Just please give it a rest with all the excuses why you “can’t” ride a bike, okay? The cyclist is Hector Picard, who lost his arms in 1992 in a work related accident. In read more »

San Jose Bike Party SAFETY RIDE this Friday night

San Jose Bike Party Safety Ride takes place this Friday night, May 17 2013.

@WeezyRider Bike Hugger is Seattle and don’t make…

@WeezyRider Bike Hugger is Seattle and don’t make videos like that.

Charles Ramsey rides a bicycle

The hero of Cleveland tells Anderson Cooper that he rides a bicycle. Charles Ramsey is describing his day before he heard screaming from his neighbor’s home the other day. He had just talked with his neighbor and alleged slave master Ariel Castor and Ariel left for the afternoon. After Ariel left…. I jumped on my read more »