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Don’t try this at home, kids…

Don’t try this at home, kids

Don’t try this at home, kids

File this under Stupid Bike Tricks. Surveillance video at a railroad crossing near Waterbeach, England shows a woman on a bike blasting past the barriers at an active railroad and stopping her bike in the nick of time as a train zooms by inches from her front wheel. She seems to take stock of her read more »

Don’t try this at home

I posted the Lucas Brunelle video last night. I guess you might say I admire his riding after a fashion, but there’s no way I’d ever ride like that. I obey the traffic signals and mostly ride legally, at least as legally as most people drive, anyway, and probably more so — I’m one of read more »

@nymbco Just told it’s a bug. Don’t try it at home…

@nymbco Just told it’s a bug. Don’t try it at home.

Feedzone: Extreme Edition

Don’t try this at home, kids. These are professionals.

You give bikes a bad name

You know all of those helmet-cam POV videos set to heavy-metal soundtracks showing crazy daredevils on bikes? Lucas Brunelle invented that genre, and with his “Light Of Sight” video he shows us he’s still the master of his craft.