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Door Zone video

From Commute Orlando blog…

Dooring video

Dashcam video from a car dramatically shows what happens when somebody opens a door into a cyclist. The cyclist just narrowly avoided becoming road pizza when the driver swerved to avoid hitting him (or her?)

Door Zone reminder

Matthew @ Streetsblog SF asks how he should educate doorzone cyclists, and in the comments he got a couple of “Huh? Doorzone? You mean ride out with traffic?” type of responses.

Video: Safe bicycling for children

Here’s an instructional video from the 90s produced by the city of Madison, Wisconsin with funding from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and distributed by the League of American Bicyclists. The video covers the limitations of a child’s perceptions and skills, the rules of the road, traffic safety, door zone riding, sidewalk riding, common read more »

Don’t panic and carry a towel

Lady Fleur gives advice on cycling during those spring showers we so desperately need. The only thing I’d add for eyeglass wearers: bring a rag or small towel. I carry mine in my back pocket. More bike stuff below the good advice.

Unsafe passing caught on GoPro

You’ve seen this, right? “That cyclist FORCED ME TO SWERVE and nearly caused me to crash!” I normally don’t pay that much attention to scofflaw motorists, but this guy does have a bike rack on his car, and after the third time of catching him at an intersection in spite of his hurried driving, I read more »