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Dork disk

Little Fritz got a new mountain bike. Like just about any new dérailleur equipped bicycle, this bicycle comes equipped with a spoke protector, aka a frisbee or “dork disk.” The purpose of the spoke protector is to keep the chain from getting shifted off of the largest cog into the spokes. A properly adjusted dérailleur read more »

Singlespeed bikes: Illegal death traps?

These bikes may be illegal to sell in the United States! Do you see the problem with these production bikes? See if you can find it before I give it away below the photos. Swobo Del Norte Spot Brand 29er Cayne Uno Strida 5.0 Bianchi San Jose Cannondale Hooligan This belt drive singlespeed from Lynskey, read more »

10 Speed Guy

10 Speed Guy has all the great ways to stay in shape: the dork disk, those rockin’ 70s orange wheel reflectors, drivetrain on the non-drive side of the bike, and huge plastic platform pedals!