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Safety in Numbers

Elly Blue’s article on safety in numbers is making the rounds in the cycling blogosphere / Twittersphere / Facebook-o-sphere, and it’s worth repeating: safety for cyclists seems to improve when there are more of us on the road.


On August 29, 2009, I had the following Letter to the Editor published in The Cape Breton Post: OK, enough is enough. Every day on my way home I encounter the same three cyclists on Kings Road, all riding on the sidewalk against traffic. Putting aside that riding this way carries seven to nine times read more »

Editor’s Note: Nudity

I get a feed of news images from Getty Images for journalism use which are then filtered for bicycling content. A set of a couple dozen photos entitled “World Naked Bike Ride Takes Place In Sydney” contained the note for those who missed seeing the pale dangly bits flapping in the breeze: “Editor’s Note: Nudity.” read more »