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Commuters and doping

My friend Ted in Los Angeles tweeted:

Bernhard Kohl

This is your bike. This is your bike on drugs. Any questions? Photo Credits: “Bonked Cyclist” by “Sumeth;” “Bernhard Kohl in KOM jersey” by Ken Conley.

Mark Cavendish woo hoo!

The boy from Britain can go go go! I called Cavendish as the winner on a Tweet I sent at 8:02 this morning while sitting on the train, about a half hour before he actually won. For Stage 13 summaries, visit: KWC, FredCast, TdF Blog. VeloNews: Cav Crushes. Speaking of Frank Steele of TdFBlog, hinted read more »

Trek sues LeMond

At an employee meeting this morning, Trek president John Burke announced that Trek filed a lawsuit to sever the company’s ongoing relationship with three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond. This suit comes on a heels of commentary from LeMond, in which LeMond recently disclosed that Trek pressured him to issue a public apology to read more »

Tuesday testimony: Tammy Thomas took tonic

Illinois chemist and former bodybuilder Patrick Arnold testified that he shipped steroids to former Olympic cyclist Tammy Thomas in testimony during Thomas’s perjury trial. Thomas was indicted in December 2006 for lying to the grand jury investigating the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) in Burlingame, CA. Thomas was banned from competition for life in 2002 read more »

Bike dopes

I plan to work on a Facebook Application over the holiday break. It’s a bike racing game in which you join a cycling team to race in the big American and European races. You “train” by visiting the bike application, and more time spent training equates with better racing times. The races will occur at read more »