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Dual chain fixed gear bike

Check it out — bike hacker Bruce Ingle created a two chain fixed gear bike from leftovers, spare parts, and aftermarket modifications. Of this bike, Sheldon Brown writes, “Disclaimer: This is a highly-advanced hack! Do not attempt it unless you have great confidence in your metalworking and mechanical ability. This article assumes that you are read more »

10 bike stories of 2010

Here are my thoughts on some of the big bicycle stories of 2010.

Review: Kona Band Wagon

Review of the 2010 Kona Band Wagon fixed gear bicycle.

Jhong: Bicycle Culture Revolution

“Chinese Bike Culture” once meant millions of Chinese cruising wide bike boulevards on black and basic commuter bikes equipped with fenders, chaincases, heavy duty racks, and sturdy double kickstands. The bicycle was the preferred mode of urban transportation nationwide, with right of way at intersections and ample parking on wide sidewalks. These days, though, public read more »